Team Up for Families

Get Involved


We call it “Three in the Morning Anxiety.” An endless loop in your brain is playing “What do I do NOW?”

The Road Map® Series gives you a simple five-point Guiding Star method for launching into action–no matter what you need. It shows you how to identify the strengths that can lead to solutions, pinpoint your priority concerns, and communicate your goals to others. You can walk into meetings prepared and confident. You get more respect–and better results. 


School systems want to engage families in creating success for students. It’s frustrating when parents don’t show up, don’t do their part, or don’t appreciate what you give. We’ve dubbed this situation the “family engagement gap.” If the family caregiver doesn’t have the skills, confidence, and motivation to act as an equal partner in a child’s education program, your outreach effort falls into the gap. Road Map® Series publications and training build family skills for participating in school meetings with step-by-step strategies that are more credible because they come from families who share similar struggles.

Providers and Child-Serving Agencies

Family caregivers need to act as your “eyes and ears” beyond the office or examining room. You want them to understand your recommendations, carry out treatment plans effectively, and communicate what happens between visits. The Road Map® Series teaches families the five most important tasks for managing information as effective partners on the treatment team. (We call this set of information management tasks “Organize, Maintain, Record, Share, & Inquire.”) When families have the skills to partner effectively, everything gets a little bit easier. 

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