Team Up for Families

National Learning Collaborative

When you become a Family Road Map (FRM) Certified Facilitator or Young Adult Road Map (YARM) Certified Coach, you join our National Learning Collaborative, which consists of Certified FRM Facilitators, YARM Coaches, Trainers, Master Trainers, and National Master Trainers who live and work in communities from Maine to Guam. Many work in system of care grantee initiatives, mental health agencies, schools, or family advocacy organizations that serve children, youth, and young adults with developmental, mental health, intellectual, and other special health needs.

The National Learning Collaborative works together to improve the programming used with the Road Map Series. Ongoing contact between the Collaborative members allows for the conversation to continue, and bright ideas from a network of professionals to be shared in a larger sense. Because the Road Map Series is taught based on the diverse and cultural needs of individual communities, we at Family Road Map Institute love hearing the customized ways the Road Map programming was brought to your community.



Family Road Map Facilitators    Young Adult Road Map Coaches    Trainers    Master Trainers    National Master Trainers

Family Road Map Facilitators – Licensed to conduct group sessions and one-on-one instruction using the Family Road Map course content.


  • Angela Noland
  • Diana Alvarez
  • Emma Spillner
  • Jennifer Lunbeck
  • Lacey Burns
  • Niekachi Nwogu
  • Persephone Gonzalez
  • Tanya McCullom


  • Kaytra MacDonald
  • Laurie Little
  • Tony Avallone


  • Susan Nyamora
  • Lisa Math
  • Gretchen Rovira
  • John Glover
  • Marangelie Olivares
  • Melina Markos
  • Rachael Craig-Dunn
  • Sara Kruchkow
  • Traci Ortiz


  • Maryann Donovan


  • Tiffany Pruitt
  • Ericka Taylor
  • Janice Moore
  • Vanessa Scott
  • Alissa Garrison
  • Sherri Blacksher
  • Donna Rush
  • Jenna Perez
  • Vernida Casey
  • Richelle Silvia
  • Symphony Ollie
  • Gary Truvillion
  • Amy Epperson
  • Farren Kaczor
  • Julie Kozan
  • Shavonda Burton
  • Louisa Johnston
  • Samuel Jackson
  • Ricky Stephens


New York:

  • Anne-Marie Freitas
  • Becky Johnson


  • Tracy Palazzotto
  • Aurelia Carter
  • Jill Santiago
  • Alda Walker
  • Shadena Higgins
  • Oliver Coleman
  • Jonathan Ball
  • George Fleming
  • Christine Snyder
  • Alexis Noga
  • Jason Jackson
  • Roxanne Johnson
  • Adrienne Russell
  • Karan Steele
  • Timothy Truckenmiller

Young Adult Road Map Coaches –  Licensed to conduct group sessions and one-on-one instruction using the Young Adult Road Map course content.


  • Zachary Karenchak
  • Tracy Palazzotto
  • Aurelia Carter
  • LaDina Anderson
  • Colette Beckwith
  • Dradia Tomblin
  • Liz Woodley
  • Michael Harrell
  • Haley Koontz-Donohue
  • Nneka Hawthorne
  • Corey Ludden
  • Kaiona McGowan
  • Sade Santiago
  • Shantey Good
  • Towan Hall
  • Melanie Comans
  • Shannon Ragen
  • Russ Settlemaier
  • Timothy Truckenmiller
  • Erica Johnson
  • Alexander Brecht
  • Julia Roberson
  • Tiffany Thornton
  • Lori Harlan
  • Kelly Ristine
  • Troy Foster
  • Yahna Stewart

Trainers – Experienced (for a minimum of one year) in implementing the Road Map series programming (workshops, support groups, one-on-one instruction, etc.)  for which they have been certified and trained. 

  • Susan Nyamora, Family Road Map
  • Gretchen Rovira, Family Road Map
  • Joshua Calarino, Family Road Map

Master Trainers – Family Road Map Master Trainers are licensed to train Facilitators in their own communities. Young Adult Road Map Master Trainers are licensed to train Coaches in their own communities. 

  • Crystal Karenchak – Family Road Map
  • Wanda Cummings – Family Road Map
  • Susan Wood – Family Road Map
  • Sue Emley – Family Road Map

National Master Trainers – Licensed to conduct Facilitator and other training sessions nationwide for the Road Map Series for which they have been trained and certified.

  • Wendy Besmann – Family Road Map and Young Adult Road Map
  • Keva Clark – Family Road Map
  • Angie Lassiter – Family Road Map
  • Heather Hall – Young Adult Road Map