Team Up for Families

Facilitator Training


As a Certified Family Road Map Facilitator, you help families and caregivers learn simple, practical strategies for navigating wellness and education systems.  This flexible, interactive curriculum is designed with adaptable components that can be:

  • Taught in six one-hour units.
  • Included with existing support group programming.
  • Used as an informal “deep dive” resource with individual family members to enhance case management, home visits, or the Transition phase of Wraparound services.



Facilitator Training is a nine-hour, two-day course that covers all requirements, including the six-unit Guiding Star curriculum, Lesson Plan manual and classroom aids, modeling of instructional modes, assessment, program planning for curriculum implementation, and more. The first-year membership fee ($125) in the Family Road Map National Learning Collaborative is included in the training course. This entitles you to ongoing technical assistance from our National Master Trainers, continuing education webinars, no-cost curriculum updates, and discounts on purchase of materials for families.

To contact us about bringing our 2 Day Facilitator Certification training to your agency, contact us here.

FAQs about Facilitator Training

Q: How do I use Family Road Map as a Certified Facilitator?
A: Family Road Map is a flexible curriculum that empowers family caregivers with simple, practical strategies for navigating medical, behavioral health, developmental, insurance, and education systems. As a Certified Facilitator, you can teach Family Road Map as a six-unit short course, include it in existing support group programming, or use it as an informal “deep dive” resource to enhance case management, home visits, peer support, or the Transition phase of Wraparound, when families need must gain the skills to navigate systems independently.

Q: How do I become a Certified Facilitator?
A: There are 3 ways to become a certified Family Road Map Facilitator. Trainees can attend one of the following:

  1. Agency Sponsored Training: One agency (or a group of agencies) pays for Family Road Map Institute to come to your site (with 2 National Master Trainers) and provides training to a group of 12-25 participants.
  2. Agency Hosted Training: One agency (or a group of agencies) provides a training space and other amenities (such as food, snacks, etc.). The agency (or agencies) also pay for at least 8 participants certification training. Minimum agency host cost is $5,000. Family Road Map Institute registers participants from around the area to fill the remaining seats for the training (up to 30).
  3. Individual Trainee: Individual participants (or their agencies) pay for one seat at an agency hosted training.

Q: What happens at a Family Road Map Facilitator Training?
A: Facilitator Training is fast-paced, interactive, and energetic.  Plan to move around the room, play games, and work with a team. On Day One we teach the entire six-unit curriculum, model use of the materials, and walk you through all requirements for certification.  These requirements include (1) preparing for and presenting a 15-minute segment of the curriculum to be scored by National Trainers using our Facilitator Assessment, and (2) completing an online (open book) test of content. On Day Two, trainees make presentations and complete all other requirements, including the online test. They form program planning groups to discuss practical and cultural considerations in using the material with clients.  In the last unit of the session, trainees receive their Assessments. All those who have completed requirements receive their Facilitator Certificates.

Q: How do I obtain Family Road Map materials to use with families?
A: After you receive your certification, you will have access to a National Master Trainer for technical assistance in adapting materials to your agency’s unique environment. You will need to purchase a Family Road Map Guide/Activities Booklet set for each family member who receives this training in any form (short course, support group, or coaching.) These are the only materials you will need for your families.   Each set costs $20, but the unit cost decreases sharply for higher volume orders. The Family Road Map Guides/Activities Booklets are published by Melton Hill Media LLC and can be ordered through Family Road Map Institute for best prices. Orders should be placed at least 30 days in advance before needing the materials, as that ensures the materials arrive on time and expedited shipping costs will not need to be added.

Q: How much does Facilitator Training cost?
A: The cost of a two-day agency-sponsored training is $9500 plus applicable travel expenses for two trainers.  This cost includes:

  • National Master Trainer (some larger training sessions include two Trainers).
  • Nine hours of instruction for up to 25 Facilitator trainees
  •  First-year annual membership fee in the Family Road Map Learning Collaborative ($125 per person if obtained separately).
  • Lesson Plan manual
  • Assessment
  • Certificate
  • Ongoing technical assistance from a designated National Master Trainer as needed.

Q: Only one person needs training, and there are no trainings scheduled for my area listed on the “upcoming events” page at this time. Can they still be trained?
A: E-learning is coming soon. Contact us about enrolling in our e-learning course(s).