Team Up for Families

Our Story

Team Up for Families, the original family-driven initiative that started our project in 2007, was restructured in 2018 as an independent non-profit organization whose purpose is to study the effectiveness of navigation training as a means of increasing access to appropriate access to behavioral, developmental, and other social services to families and young adults.

By 2019, Team Up for Families partnered with educational publisher Melton Hill Media in Get There Project, a learning portal for special needs families.

Team Up for Families was formed in 2007 as a family-driven initiative to produce a national edition of the step-by-step family workbook Team Up for Your Child (2008, 2012), a forerunner of the Road Map® Series.  

More than 50 family support staff and volunteers working for mental health and family advocacy agency in eight states became part of a Learning Collaborative to teach a Road Map® curriculum based on Team Up for Your Child.

In 2017, a group of these trainers, along with other subject matter experts, collaborated with Wendy Besmann to create Family Road Map. In 2018, TUFF’s Youth Editorial Board worked together to create Young Adult Road Map (2018), which brightly colored and illustrated by webcomic artist, Danyell Thillet.

Family Road Map and Young Adult Road Map are structured around the five-point Guiding Star method. By focusing on a simple, step-by-step method for simplifying big, messy situations, families have a place to start and can see a path for getting where they need to be.

It became clear that we need to examine the “trail of breadcrumbs” in order to understand whether families truly become more empowered by this type of training and whether that empowerment has a significant impact on their ability to access services.   TUFF goal is to partner with agencies to explore these questions.

Through establishing an independent non profit organization, forming community and child-serving agency partnerships partnerships, and the formation of Get There Project, Team Up for Families is committed to sharing the practical strategies that have transformed our lives.

Want to get involved? Visit Get There Project to learn more about solutions available for your family, school, agency, or organization.