Team Up for Families

Guiding Star Strategies

The Guiding Star: Five Points Lead to What You Need

The Road Map Series is organized around a step-by-step Guiding Star–five tasks that keep people on the right path to help and support no matter which system they must navigate. The Guiding Star works because it is rooted in strategic thinking about how people get what they need in systems that provide services.  In ANY system–healthcare, education, insurance, financial services–you can manage a messy problem if you know how to:

SET GOALS:  Decide what you already have and what you need.  Turn problems into priorities

LEARN SYSTEM BASICS:  Learn key words, procedures, and provider roles so you know your options.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS:  Find people who can help you access opportunities and solve problems.

MANAGE INFORMATION:  Keep track of important records and understand data used to make decisions.

FIND SUPPORT: Build a network of people and resources that can help you stay safe and meet challenges.

Family Road Map and Young Adult Road Map help people break down big, messy problems into tasks they can handle.  The Guides provide simple, practical tips and techniques suggested by others who share their experience in navigating systems.  Visit Get There Project to learn more and view sample pages of the Road Map Series.